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September 27, 2013:
Birth defects, cancer, and injuries claims related to semiconductor chemicals rise.


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Have you been injured by cleanroom or semiconductor chemical exposure

Birth defects and cancer resulting from cleanroom chemicals

Semiconductor lawsuit activity has increased over the past few years because people who may have been exposed to cleanroom chemicals, any time between the 1960s and today, may have contracted cancer, or passed birth defect on to children, as a result of clean room chemical exposure. Chemicals like benzene, acetone, and tricloroethane may have created toxic chemical exposure and injury that resulted in cancer or organ damage.

Other semiconductor lawsuit cases may not involve any kind of chemical exposure, but instead focus on issues like patent theft, where manufacturing processes are nearly identical as the result of the theft of trade secrets or the hiring of engineers who may have breached confidentiality related to microchip manufacturing. The highly competitive field of semiconductor manufacturing, and the thousands of related patents specific to proccesses means that companies may unknowingly be violating the patent rights of another person, firm, or corporation. The payouts in these lawsuits can run into the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars because damages may be assesed on components that have been sold for a number of years.

The semiconductor industry is not immune to lawsuits, especially since it contains high technology, trade secrets, cleanrooms, and the use of highly volatile chemicals which have health effects that may not be known for years. Birth defect lawsuits based on the use of photoresist in cleanrooms, and other lawsuits due to industrial accidents or problems related to exposure are not uncommon, and some result in class action litigation. There are also lawsuits involving manufacturing processes, the semiconductors and integrated circuits themselves, and patent cases involving the millions of tiny transistors on each CPU. If you believe you have a claim based on semiconductor chemical exposure, on the job injury, patent theft, or another issue, then you owe it to yourself to consult with a licensed attorney who can help you find out if you are entitled to compensation

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Not all cancers and birth defects are the result of toxic chemical exposure in clean rooms and chip manufacturing companies. Many of the people who worked in these environments were also heavy smokers and drinkers, so consulting with a lawyer is essential to make sure you have a legitimate claim related to cancers or defects specifically caused by these chemicals.