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April 27, 2011:


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Increased Cancer Risks for Current and Former Clean Room Employees

Exposure dating back to 1960s may cause cancer

Semiconductor lawsuit activity related to cancer has become a new field of law, and some attorney believe the cases could be similar in scope to asbestos litigation due to the high number of people exposed to carcinogenic chemicals in the US semiconductor industry since the 1960s. Settlements from companies like IBM have created a new interest in microchip manufacturing and clean room chemical exposure cases. Epidemiologists in some cases have concluded that male workers were more likely to die from brain, skin, or kidney cancer, where female workers could get kidney cancer or pass birth defects along to unborn children.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: A lawsuit settlement is not necessarily an indicator of guilt, as it may be cheaper for a company to settle than have a protracted fight that can take years and impact the current stock price.